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  • Gas industry in the neighborhood, or, How comfy …….. is your basement?

    From Hedgehog Lane, Bradford Township, McKean County, PA: “There is a Crossett truck here this morning.  The second that I saw it pull up, I closed every window because I knew what was coming.  My house is currently full of vapors that are making me nauseous….even with every window closed, this is the result.  What […]

  • Hazardous stimulation fluid leaked from overturned rig

    Hydrofluoric acid is a gas extraction stimulation fluid:––Hydrofluoric-Acid-Stimulation-of-Sandstone Reservoirs?d=305ECAF73DBA21C942E1F42B94FBA2CC8919EC34772E7F46B2154E42EC8AF57526874 All lanes on Route 33 now open; truck with hazardous spill has been cleaned up Aerial photo of tanker on its side on Route 33 this morning, slowly leaking hydrofluoric acid. The area has been evacuated. David Kidwell/Pocono RecordMarch 21, 2009 All lanes are now […]

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