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  • In the way

    EDITOR: At 7 p.m. on Nov. 14, 2011, in spite of 22,094 comments objecting to this project, 35 bi-partisan Pa. state representatives, 2 state senators, the EPA, the Sierra Club, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, and many other organizations across Pa., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved and granted a certificate to Inergy/CNYOG to begin construction […]

  • Misery: Gas companies as neighbors, the lies they tell, the arms they twist, and the hellish consequences

    From a follow-up interview conducted by e-mail and used with permission: Hi David, Thanks for coming up to Ithaca on Friday. On a separate note, would you mind if I share your experience with fracking with people in Ithaca?  If it’s okay with you for me to do so, I’d also like to confirm what […]

  • Where’s the beef? Gas industry jobs & taxes paid just don’t measure up to claims

    Response to a WHYY report, New Numbers Show PA Gas Production Will Lead Nation. Ms. Phillips -.This series of Penn State Reports has used a false premise, that capital spending directly equates to jobs and taxes, to make highly exaggerated claims. The gas industry has a great need for capital but an extraordinarily low requirement for staffing, about 10% […]

  • PA ag department quarantines cattle exposed to fracking toxins

    COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIADept. of Environmental ProtectionCommonwealth News BureauRoom 308, Main Capitol BuildingHarrisburg PA., 17120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE07/1/2010CONTACT:Justin Fleming, Department of Agriculture717-787-5085Cattle from Tioga County Farm Quarantined after Coming in Contact with Natural Gas Drilling Wastewater HARRISBURG — The Department of Agriculture announced today that it has quarantined cattle from a Tioga County farm after a […]

  • The new 30 pieces of silver

    Remember this?New York State town supervisors & boards – do you want to be had by the short hairs? Mt Pleasant supervisors had voted against MarkWest’s plans to expand their compressor stations.  Hickory’s been taking it on the chin from gas extraction, and the supervisors knew that more compressor stations were not in the community’s […]

  • Isengard becomes an orc factory

    Dispatch from Dimock: The activity has really picked up here and over toward Elk Lake. Truck and tanker activity is steadily increasing. Water / whatever trucks running all night long.  A dump truck roared by while I was along the road and it reeked of an oily smell – what was he hauling? Dirt roads […]

  • “There are a very few winners in this deal and the rest are all scrambling to get the leftover crumbs”

    Contributed: Yesterday I went to the gas fields in Bradford County PA to see first hand what was going on. What you see first is an unbelievable amount of trucks. Gas company trucks literally by the thousands. People seemed willing to talk about the gas biz.  It sounds like there are a very few winners […]

  • What’s wrong with this picture?

    A November 4th press release from the PA DEP reveals that while “numerous” people in Dimock have been without good water for, oh, a year, give or take, it takes an agreement process with DEP to force Cabot Oil & Gas to address residents’ need for “replacement” water.  It takes an agreement process with DEP […]

  • Mr. Ventello, is that a threat or a promise?

    From The River Reporter, covering a presentation hosted by Penn State Cooperative Extension (PSCE) at Honesdale High School:_____________________ “Ventello [executive director of the Central Bradford Progress Authority] lauded the economic benefits to Bradford County, but became frustrated at questions related to the possible health effects associated with chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluids. ‘If you want to be […]

  • Gas industry in the neighborhood, or, How comfy …….. is your basement?

    From Hedgehog Lane, Bradford Township, McKean County, PA: “There is a Crossett truck here this morning.  The second that I saw it pull up, I closed every window because I knew what was coming.  My house is currently full of vapors that are making me nauseous….even with every window closed, this is the result.  What […]

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