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  • 100 years’ worth of natural gas from US shales? There’s no there there.

    There isn’t really so much recoverable shale gas out there.   And there isn’t nearly enough market for what’s currently coming out of the ground.  What’s a dinosaur of an energy player to do? Here’s what:  First, convince investors that natural gas is the next big thing.  (You can do this with lots of slick commercials on the financial […]

  • The game was afoot long before we were aware

    We usually leave events to the events calendar.  The announcement below is worth an exception because of its particular combination of pic and text:  The industry and its lobbyists have been working the halls of state capitols and wining & dining local officials for a long time. The citizens were the last to know.

  • Remember this, when you hear those slick commercials touting decades worth of natural gas from tight shales

    Wall Street Journal, 2/24/09 Natural-Gas Producers Launch Lobbying Group U.S. natural-gas companies, hurt by a combination of booming supplies and falling demand, are banding together to promote their product with lawmakers and the public. Such industry heavyweights as Newfield Exploration Co., Devon Energy Corp. and Chesapeake Energy Corp. will announce Wednesday the formation of the American Natural Gas Alliance to push […]

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