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  • Is hydrofracture compatible with farming?

    Consider the effect that toxic chemicals used in Halliburton’s unconventional gas drilling hydrofracture process have on animals just one step down in the food chain: If you leased your property to corporations that will use hydrofracture to extract the last remnants of gas trapped too tightly in stone, you have allowed them to site toxic […]

  • Hydrofracture compatible with farming? Part 2

    Dear Mr Cyr, As a former farmer, I am appalled by these pictures.  Is there any definite evidence that the tumors on these animals was caused by hydrofracking by-products?  Is anyone doing any research on these incidents?  If so, and there are definite links to the hydrofracking compounds, then they should be presented to the […]

  • Followup: What killed those cattle next to a ……………. Chesapeake well in Louisiana?

    From Update On Dead Cows In Caddo Parishby Erica BennettThursday, May 7, 2009 @06:16pm CST “The scene of a cow pasture in south Caddo Parish Wednesday was calm, uneventful and peaceful. But, that was not the case a week ago. A spill from a natural gas well caused at least 20 cows to drop […]

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