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  • How the gas industry is setting us up, in 4 short paragraphs

    The industry is apparently taking the same tack with NYS “marks” as they did here [in Texas]. The need for pipelines and the total inability of municipalities to use police powers to control ROW selection for these ticking time bombs is an omission of material fact in mineral leases (producers 88) that makes this contract […]

  • “They promised us so many things and when the well was in, all of a sudden they forgot their end of the deal”

    From the News-Herald, Northern Ohio: “They come to your door with a deal hard to pass up, but it’s not all bells and whistles, says Peter Dautartas of Chester Township. “Dautartas, who recently signed a lease to have an oil well drilled in his yard, was one of several township residents who spoke out against […]

  • Farm family’s nightmare: ‘Gas drillers cut corners from Day One’

    Guest post by Candace Mingins In 1971, when my husband’s family bought its farm in Van Etten, there was an abandoned Oriskany formation well on the property. There were, indeed, abandoned wells all over the neighboring hills — some of which were providing neighbors with free gas. A small pipe and tank seemed innocuous enough. […]

  • Talk dirty to me

    From Gas-lease offer ‘excites’ area group After ’08 deal dies, Wyoming County Landowners expect Chesapeake Energy deal. “We knew that we wanted a company that could afford to buy 37,000 acres … that could not only buy us, but drill us.” – landowners’ group secretary Noun:masochism 1. the enjoyment of receiving pain

  • Let’s not have to learn the hard way

    We don’t have to wonder how New York State could be affected by HD/HVHF (horizontal drilling / high-volume hydraulic fracturing.  All we have to do is look at what’s happened – and happening – in other states.    Here’s a voice from the Barnett Shale in Texas: “We have learned that the industry we are dealing […]

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