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  • Funny you should mention cream

    From Gas-lease offer ‘excites’ area group After ’08 deal dies, Wyoming County Landowners expect Chesapeake Energy deal “We knew that we wanted a company that could afford to buy 37,000 acres … that could not only buy us, but drill us,” Lines-Burgess [landowners’ coalition secretary] said. “In order to do that, we knew we had to go for […]

  • 19 head of cattle dead from chemical exposure in …… field next to Chesapeake / Schlumberger frack job Click on links  for complete story and photo galleries DEQ: ‘Nobody is owning up to it’ By Vickie Welborn • [email protected] • April 29, 2009 Photo Galleries Cow Death Investigation Cow Death Investigation II SPRING RIDGE – An unidentified substance that apparently flowed from a natural gas drilling site into a pasture is is being […]

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