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  • Chesapeake eminent domain travesty in Texas: ……… Judge lies in court, homeowner given no recourse

    The following text is taken in its entirety, with permission, from the blog at StarTelegraph _______________________ Monday, March 15, 2010 What in the…???? We have gotten tons of emails asking what the latest is on the Carter Avenue Pipeline. Well, the scandal has taken yet another turn. Texas Lone Star had a representative in the courtroom […]

  • Steve Doeung: I got people

    From Don Young: Steve Doeung: I got people Indeed he does. Something like a tsunami of outrage is rolling over Fort Worth in support of Steve Doeung and the thousands like him who have been bullied by lawless gas drillers who are trying to ram dangerous NG pipelines AND extraction operations into our neighborhoods. Steve […]

  • Talk dirty to me

    From Gas-lease offer ‘excites’ area group After ’08 deal dies, Wyoming County Landowners expect Chesapeake Energy deal. “We knew that we wanted a company that could afford to buy 37,000 acres … that could not only buy us, but drill us.” – landowners’ group secretary Noun:masochism 1. the enjoyment of receiving pain

  • Funny you should mention cream

    From Gas-lease offer ‘excites’ area group After ’08 deal dies, Wyoming County Landowners expect Chesapeake Energy deal “We knew that we wanted a company that could afford to buy 37,000 acres … that could not only buy us, but drill us,” Lines-Burgess [landowners’ coalition secretary] said. “In order to do that, we knew we had to go for […]

  • Followup: What killed those cattle next to a ……………. Chesapeake well in Louisiana?

    From Update On Dead Cows In Caddo Parishby Erica BennettThursday, May 7, 2009 @06:16pm CST “The scene of a cow pasture in south Caddo Parish Wednesday was calm, uneventful and peaceful. But, that was not the case a week ago. A spill from a natural gas well caused at least 20 cows to drop […]

  • 19 head of cattle dead from chemical exposure in …… field next to Chesapeake / Schlumberger frack job Click on links  for complete story and photo galleries DEQ: ‘Nobody is owning up to it’ By Vickie Welborn • [email protected] • April 29, 2009 Photo Galleries Cow Death Investigation Cow Death Investigation II SPRING RIDGE – An unidentified substance that apparently flowed from a natural gas drilling site into a pasture is is being […]

  • ‘Burdocks and oil’: How gas companies infiltrate and manipulate leaseholders & communities

    The Daily Review, a Towanda, Pennsylvania newspaper, printed a truly regrettable editorial in their April 12 edition.  It was titled, astonishingly, “Give gas firms a decent chance to do right thing.”   I didn’t know such naivete was still possible.  And I can’t say I can remember ever seeing such smarmy pathos in an editorial. The […]

  • Remember this, when you hear those slick commercials touting decades worth of natural gas from tight shales

    Wall Street Journal, 2/24/09 Natural-Gas Producers Launch Lobbying Group U.S. natural-gas companies, hurt by a combination of booming supplies and falling demand, are banding together to promote their product with lawmakers and the public. Such industry heavyweights as Newfield Exploration Co., Devon Energy Corp. and Chesapeake Energy Corp. will announce Wednesday the formation of the American Natural Gas Alliance to push […]

  • Scope comments – presented at 12/4 hearing, submitted by e-mail

    Bureau of Oil & Gas RegulationNYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources625 BroadwayAlbany, NY 12233-6500 Subject: Scope Comment To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to submit comments to the Draft Scope for Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DSGEIS) on the Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Regulatory Program. I would like to make it clear […]

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