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  • “The resource curse”

    From “The Spill Seekers,” Outside Magazine, November 2010 ————————————- While I was in Louisiana, there was an event at the Cajundome, in Lafayette, called the Rally for Economic Survival:  11,000 people packed the place to hear the governor, the lieutenant governor, and, of all people, the executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion […]

  • When pigs fly

    Pipeline ‘pig’ crashes through Grand Prairie homeby BRETT SHIPP WFAA – NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES Watch the Video here: Posted on October 20, 2010 at 10:48 PM GRAND PRAIRIE — Those worried about the growing number of gas pipelines in North Texas may have new justification for their concerns. This time, it’s not a leak or an […]

  • Ignore Pickens’ shilling for shale

    Excerpted from Dubious Path to a Green Future Originally published on 6/28/10 Many energy experts contend natural gas is the ideal fuel as the world makes the transition to renewable energy. But since much of that gas will come from underground shale, potentially at high environmental cost, it would be far better to skip the […]

  • For whom does the bell toll?

    “Once you know, you can’t not know.” – Calvin Tillman “Once your water’s polluted, it’s too late.” – citizens of New York State

  • “The thing to remember about bridges is that their principal purpose is to get to another place, and that there is no point in building a bridge if you find out, when you get to the other side, that by building the bridge you have destroyed your destination”

    Editorial, The River Reporter, Narrowsburg, NY A bridge to nowhere As we approach peak oil—the point at which petroleum production enters into decline—the major focus of the energy sector has been on finding ways to suck up every last drop of increasingly inaccessible fossil fuels. The result has been the development of increasingly invasive […]

  • “There is a major pipeline incident every other day in this country”

    From an Associated Press article published 9/13/10: “‘That’s an issue we’re going to have to look on a bigger scale — situations in which pipes of some age were put in before the dense population arrived and now the dense population is right over the pipe,’ he said. “Thousands of pipelines nationwide fit the same […]

  • Thursday a.m. pipeline explosion, Texas

    The Associated Press reports: Gas line explodes in Panhandle Nov. 5, 2009, 9:29AM Flames blazed more than 400 feet high above a natural gas line explosion that rocked Bushland, Texas about 1 a.m. today. BUSHLAND — A natural gas pipeline exploded in the Texas Panhandle on Thursday, shaking homes, melting window blinds and shooting flames […]

  • Would shale gas reduce coal use? No, say the numbers

    A piece published November 4th and titled Unnatural Gas: The Inflated Promise of a Not-So-Clean Fuel concludes: Meanwhile, in competing with Big Coal for the affections of Congress, the newly formed America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) launched an $80 million advertising and lobbying campaign earlier this year to promote its “clean, abundant, American, reliable, and versatile” product. As […]

  • “My babies are gone” – gas pipelines kill again Two teens killed in gas pipeline explosion Two teenagers died in an early morning explosion at a gas pipeline in Carnes. Wade White, 18, and Devon Byrd, 16, died at site of the explosion, which happened around 4 a.m. today near White’s home on Phillip White Road. Byrd was a sophomore at Forrest County […]

  • Air quality – or the lack thereof – in the Barnett Shale

    From Calvin Tillman, Mayor, DISH, Texas,  recent media reports on air quality: Cancer-causing toxin found in air near gas facilities State says more tests needed to assess cancer risk Scientists call for more Dish air studies Food for thought: Is this what we want here? On what basis doe the DEC’s draft Supplemental Generic Impact […]

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