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  • Wait a minute, Chemung CoC: How is this NOT an advocacy session?

    Quoting Chamber president Kevin Keeley, The Star Gazette reports: “This is an information session, not an advocacy session. It’s not a hearing, not a debate,” he said. “It’s simply an opportunity for the chamber constituency, which is the business and professional community, to learn more about some fundamental facets of the gas drilling phenomena.” The 90-minute program […]

  • Steve Doeung: I got people

    From Don Young: Steve Doeung: I got people Indeed he does. Something like a tsunami of outrage is rolling over Fort Worth in support of Steve Doeung and the thousands like him who have been bullied by lawless gas drillers who are trying to ram dangerous NG pipelines AND extraction operations into our neighborhoods. Steve […]

  • A glass of Pennsylvania lemonade, Mr. Gill?

    Governor Rendell, Governor Paterson, will you join us?Mr Grannis? Mr. Gruskin?  There’s plenty for all. I live in Hickory, PA… just to update what is going on here, we had our water sent to an independent lab. The amount of toxic chemicals found were off the chart.  We had the DEP come to the house […]

  • Alberta, Canada: A glimpse of New York’s future

    ‘Petro-pirates’ robbing Alberta’s resources Flushing justice down the pipeline with Wiebo Ludwig’s arrestPublished January 14, 2010  by Jack Locke in Viewpoint Corey Pierce . . . . . Alberta is not a democratic province. It is a province controlled by international corporations that see profit and extraction of natural resources as their prime object. In order to accomplish their […]

  • Buckeye Creek update

    Have you noticed how often the industry and its sympathizers repeat the refrain that fracking happens so far below the water table from which drinking water is drawn that there’s no danger of frack fluids getting into drinking water?  This despite the evidence that stuff really does get around, even if they don’t understand how. There’s another […]

  • DEC can’t effectively regulate the mess we already have – and that they let happen

    From Toxics Targeting:

  • Statewide ban activists disrupt DEC hearing in NYC

    Activists for statewide ban on toxic waste producing gas drilling disrupt DEC dSGEIS hearing in NYC Video here of a portion of rally for statewide ban: (New York City, 11/10) A burgeoning movement to counter proposals for a two-tiered standard of environmental protection from shale gas drilling in New York State erupted in the first New […]

  • Would shale gas reduce coal use? No, say the numbers

    A piece published November 4th and titled Unnatural Gas: The Inflated Promise of a Not-So-Clean Fuel concludes: Meanwhile, in competing with Big Coal for the affections of Congress, the newly formed America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) launched an $80 million advertising and lobbying campaign earlier this year to promote its “clean, abundant, American, reliable, and versatile” product. As […]

  • “A Snowmobile for George”

    See it November 19, 7pm at the Bouck Auditorium, SUNY Cobleskill.  The Student Environmental Action Coalition presents: A Snowmobile for George.  “A rambunctious road trip reveals the toll that environmental deregulation has had on the lives of ordinary people.”

  • Vibro-acoustic disease: Living with compressor stations in Texas

    Published at September 26, 2009 Dear Dr. Pierpont, I would like to thank you for making time to read this. Also, for your excellent work on WTS. It is so similar to VAD Vibroacoustic Disease caused by low frequency noise. Initially identified in the aeronautical field, by military pilots and aircrew. I am sure you […]

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