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  • Calvin Tillman: What happened to conservative values?

    What happened to conservative values? It has been very disappointing to see our conservative values continue to dwindle under the pressure from large corporations.  In Texas our politicians talk conservative values right up to the point where they fail to follow them.  Two foundation pieces of conservatism, are property rights and the free market system.  In Texas, […]

  • PA ag department quarantines cattle exposed to fracking toxins

    COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIADept. of Environmental ProtectionCommonwealth News BureauRoom 308, Main Capitol BuildingHarrisburg PA., 17120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE07/1/2010CONTACT:Justin Fleming, Department of Agriculture717-787-5085Cattle from Tioga County Farm Quarantined after Coming in Contact with Natural Gas Drilling Wastewater HARRISBURG — The Department of Agriculture announced today that it has quarantined cattle from a Tioga County farm after a […]

  • The new 30 pieces of silver

    Remember this?New York State town supervisors & boards – do you want to be had by the short hairs? Mt Pleasant supervisors had voted against MarkWest’s plans to expand their compressor stations.  Hickory’s been taking it on the chin from gas extraction, and the supervisors knew that more compressor stations were not in the community’s […]

  • Texas Dept of Environmental Quality has a plan. ……… But unless you’re an industrial polluter, it’s not what you were hoping

    Forrest Wilder reporting in Texas Observer, May 26, 2010: Agency Of Destruction   Texas’ environmental commission serves its customers well.Too bad they’re not the public. When Texas citizens meet their environmental agency, they’re often disappointed. The stories of environmental battles—told in these pages countless times—frequently follow a similar plot. First, citizens band together to beat […]

  • “Over-sized fake gas checks were misleading”

    Editor, A May 13 article reporting on a ‘press conference’ that said $11.5 million generated last year from natural gas production in the Town of Smyrna will be handed over to officials presented misleading and factually incorrect information. Gas production may have generated $11.5 million, but that is revenue for Norse Energy, not Chenango County, […]

  • Calvin Tillman on The Big Deception: when regulatory agencies work for industry rather than the public

    …subtitled,How to ignore data and come to the predetermined conclusion the real bosses order: When I first decided that we needed to have some biological testing accomplished here in DISH, TX, I was cautioned against getting our state health department involved.  Most figured that they would run up here and began covering the back side of the […]

  • Libous sure knows what the DEC was up to

    From the Desk of Senator Tom LibousApril 27, 2010 Dear ———-, DEC announced last week that permit applications in the Syracuse and New York City watersheds will be excluded from their environmental review process. All applications for horizontal drilling in these watersheds would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis. You can […]

  • Rockingham County, VA, Board of Supervisors: Why learn the hard way?

  • Chesapeake eminent domain travesty in Texas: ……… Judge lies in court, homeowner given no recourse

    The following text is taken in its entirety, with permission, from the blog at StarTelegraph _______________________ Monday, March 15, 2010 What in the…???? We have gotten tons of emails asking what the latest is on the Carter Avenue Pipeline. Well, the scandal has taken yet another turn. Texas Lone Star had a representative in the courtroom […]

  • PA’s Department of Environmental Prevarication does it again

    WATERVILLE – A substance used in the natural gas drilling process is discoloring and distorting the texture of spring water running off a Cummings Township sidehill. . . . . . The mysterious substance was seen flowing down the slope, under the road and into Pine Creek, said Daniel T. Spadoni, spokesman for DEP’s northcentral […]

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