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  • Essay: Bottled Greenwash

    Essay: Bottled Greenwash By Anthony Henry Smith Some may think Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. should recuse himself from NY Governor Cuomo’s 13-person committee on fracking simply because he is the governor’s ex brother-in-law, but how many are aware of an additional conflict? If fracking poisons any part of the state’s drinking water supply, public reaction […]

  • In the way

    EDITOR: At 7 p.m. on Nov. 14, 2011, in spite of 22,094 comments objecting to this project, 35 bi-partisan Pa. state representatives, 2 state senators, the EPA, the Sierra Club, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, and many other organizations across Pa., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved and granted a certificate to Inergy/CNYOG to begin construction […]

  • Click on icon to go to Elizabeth Burns’ blog Read about Rancho Los Malulos on this blog See RSS feeds in right sidebar for her recent posts Elizabeth has now been subpoenaed by Chevronfor publicizing their poor performance.

  • “Poisoned Places”: Tonawanda one of many proofs that regulation cannot protect us

    Our neighbors in Tonawanda, on the Niagara River in western New York State just south of Buffalo, were being poisoned for decades by a company that, unlike the gas/oil industry, does not enjoy exemptions from clean water, clean air, toxic waste laws and other regulations set in place to protect our environment and health. For many years regulatory agencies […]

  • A response to Peter Applebome of the NYT

    Dear Mr. Applebome, How could a reporter as good as you have missed the actual story of the voter sentiment and the politics surrounding gas drilling in the region you discussed? With respect, the real story is the overwhelming opposition to gas drilling among the voting population in the region you covered.  Personal conflicts in […]

  • New report: Cuomo’s fracking panel fatally biased

    Independent Coalition of Citizens Against FrackingFor Immediate ReleaseSeptember 20, 2011 Grassroots Groups Expose Bias of Cuomo’s Fracking Advisory Panel in Report Released Today Contact: Report available at New York State’s recently named Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel is stacked with appointees who have already made clear they’re on the side of the gas industry’s plan […]

  • Must-read: Tim DeChristopher’s statement at his sentencing hearing

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak before the court.  When I first met Mr. Manross, the sentencing officer who prepared the pre-sentence report, he explained that it was essentially his job to “get to know me.”  He said he had to get to know who I really was and why I did what I […]

  • Mel Packer addresses the DoE Fracking Advisory Board

  • NY’s proposed water withdrawal bill a bad, bad idea

    Loophole in NY Water Withdrawal Bill Gives Fracking Industry Unlimited Rights Senate Bill Puts Public Water Into Private Hands 06.13.2011– WATKINS GLEN, NY – A loophole contained in a landmark water withdrawal bill now under consideration in the New York Senate will allow the fracking industry to take more than 100,000 gallons of water per day from […]

  • Commission review: DEC’s Division of Mineral Resources incompetent to regulate O&G

    FAILURES  OF  DEC  OIL  &  GAS  REGULATION By Brian Brock Programs for oil and gas regulation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation were reviewed by Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission in 1994.  The resulting fifty five page report examines the details, but does not provide an overview.  Nevertheless Finding I.10 is […]

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