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  • Donald L Hassig, Cancer Action Network, draft SGEIS comment

    Deputy Commissioner Leff takes the position that the best way to proceed with HVHF in New York State is to make a firm commitment to minimizing all exposures to harmful chemical substances released intothe environment by shale gas exploitation.  I argued that considering the history of shale gas exploitation throughout the United States and the […]

  • Ken Jaffe: groundwater, equal protection & the SGEIS

    In its Executive Summary of the revised SGEIS released yesterday, the DEC states clearly that groundwater is at sufficient risk from gas drilling to restrict gas drilling to protect  those drinking groundwater. But they only afford that protection to those drinking from primary aquifers. The DEC leaves the great majority of drinkers of groundwater in […]

  • Commission review: DEC’s Division of Mineral Resources incompetent to regulate O&G

    FAILURES  OF  DEC  OIL  &  GAS  REGULATION By Brian Brock Programs for oil and gas regulation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation were reviewed by Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission in 1994.  The resulting fifty five page report examines the details, but does not provide an overview.  Nevertheless Finding I.10 is […]

  • Libous sure knows what the DEC was up to

    From the Desk of Senator Tom LibousApril 27, 2010 Dear ———-, DEC announced last week that permit applications in the Syracuse and New York City watersheds will be excluded from their environmental review process. All applications for horizontal drilling in these watersheds would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis. You can […]

  • Many voices, one message: STATEWIDE BAN

    Albany, NY, January 25, 2010 (see previous posts below): While approximately 500 people were inside the Convention Center (under The Egg), a group of demonstrators paused on the New York State Capitol Building’s steps — despite the rain and 40 mph gusts — demanding a “STATEWIDE BAN” on unconventional gas drilling.

  • Many voices, one message

  • 1/25/10: More than 500 rally in Albany to oppose unconventional extraction of natural gas

    The 01/25/2010 Albany West Capitol Park Rally of over 500 people opposed to unconventional gas drilling was moved inside, under the Egg DEC workers supporting 01/25 people’s protest of the DEC’s dSGEIS (door Stop Giving Extraction Industry Shelter)… The dSGEIS  concluded that cumulative effects of tens or hundreds of thousands of toxic waste production sites […]

  • And they just kept coming

  • Statewide ban activists disrupt DEC hearing in NYC

    Activists for statewide ban on toxic waste producing gas drilling disrupt DEC dSGEIS hearing in NYC Video here of a portion of rally for statewide ban: (New York City, 11/10) A burgeoning movement to counter proposals for a two-tiered standard of environmental protection from shale gas drilling in New York State erupted in the first New […]

  • A hearing of our own: draft SGEIS hearing, Oneonta, 11/9

    Public Hearing on the dSGEIS to be held in Oneonta, Foothills Performing Arts Center, Atrium Monday, November 9, 7:00 to 9:30 pm Doors open at 6:00 pm Local hearing for public comment on DEC’s Draft of the SGEIS October 30, 2009, Oneonta, NY. The City of Oneonta and Otsego County together are holding a public […]

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