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  • “They promised us so many things and when the well was in, all of a sudden they forgot their end of the deal”

    From the News-Herald, Northern Ohio: “They come to your door with a deal hard to pass up, but it’s not all bells and whistles, says Peter Dautartas of Chester Township. “Dautartas, who recently signed a lease to have an oil well drilled in his yard, was one of several township residents who spoke out against […]

  • A: “We know of no insurance carrier that would provide coverage in this instance.”

    That was the answer attorney Helen Slottje received from the Insurance Information Institute when she posed the following question: Q: Are there any homeowner insurance policies that cover damage resulting from seismic testing (oil and gas exploration) or drilling activities whether occurring on land leased to the oil and gas company or on adjoining unleased […]

  • Daily American: “Drilling impacts neighbors” Drilling impacts neighbors BAKERSVILLE — Not everyone in the Jefferson Township community is thrilled about their new 137-foot tall neighbor. Jerri Rigo said she lives less than a quarter-mile from the drilling rig on the farm of Robert and Janet Miller. And she said she hasn’t slept well in three weeks. “At night it’s […]

  • Chesapeake eminent domain travesty in Texas: ……… Judge lies in court, homeowner given no recourse

    The following text is taken in its entirety, with permission, from the blog at StarTelegraph _______________________ Monday, March 15, 2010 What in the…???? We have gotten tons of emails asking what the latest is on the Carter Avenue Pipeline. Well, the scandal has taken yet another turn. Texas Lone Star had a representative in the courtroom […]

  • PA landowners form pipeline information group

    The Independent Weekender reports: Landowners’ pipeline group forms Staff ReportPublished: March 17, 2010 A group of Susquehanna and Wyoming County landowners concerned about natural gas pipeline easements has formed, and is willing to share information with other landowners to form their own neighborhood groups or for others to join them. The Lemon Township Pipeline Group has […]

  • Steve Doeung: I got people

    From Don Young: Steve Doeung: I got people Indeed he does. Something like a tsunami of outrage is rolling over Fort Worth in support of Steve Doeung and the thousands like him who have been bullied by lawless gas drillers who are trying to ram dangerous NG pipelines AND extraction operations into our neighborhoods. Steve […]

  • It’s your land, and no one should be able to tell you what you can do on it … right? Tell that to the pipeline company. December 05 2009 Superior man accused of trespassing on own land also faces disorderly conduct charge By: News Tribune, Duluth News Tribune Jeremy Engelking, 27, of Superior was expecting to be charged Friday with trespassing on a construction site in connection with a dispute over a pipeline being installed across his property. But he was […]

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