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  • In the way

    EDITOR: At 7 p.m. on Nov. 14, 2011, in spite of 22,094 comments objecting to this project, 35 bi-partisan Pa. state representatives, 2 state senators, the EPA, the Sierra Club, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, and many other organizations across Pa., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved and granted a certificate to Inergy/CNYOG to begin construction […]

  • Your yard, your kids, their pipeline

  • A response to Peter Applebome of the NYT

    Dear Mr. Applebome, How could a reporter as good as you have missed the actual story of the voter sentiment and the politics surrounding gas drilling in the region you discussed? With respect, the real story is the overwhelming opposition to gas drilling among the voting population in the region you covered.  Personal conflicts in […]

  • Misery: Gas companies as neighbors, the lies they tell, the arms they twist, and the hellish consequences

    From a follow-up interview conducted by e-mail and used with permission: Hi David, Thanks for coming up to Ithaca on Friday. On a separate note, would you mind if I share your experience with fracking with people in Ithaca?  If it’s okay with you for me to do so, I’d also like to confirm what […]

  • Ken Jaffe: groundwater, equal protection & the SGEIS

    In its Executive Summary of the revised SGEIS released yesterday, the DEC states clearly that groundwater is at sufficient risk from gas drilling to restrict gas drilling to protect  those drinking groundwater. But they only afford that protection to those drinking from primary aquifers. The DEC leaves the great majority of drinkers of groundwater in […]

  • Clearfield County, PA District Attorney: Fraudulent deeds used to steal gas rights

    Press release July 15, 2010 Clearfield County (PA) District Attorney, William A. Shaw, Jr., announced that an investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the recording of fraudulent deeds filed at the Clearfield County Courthouse. Shaw reported that “the investigation is focusing on irregularities that appear in several deeds claiming ownership of gas rights […]

  • Calvin Tillman: What happened to conservative values?

    What happened to conservative values? It has been very disappointing to see our conservative values continue to dwindle under the pressure from large corporations.  In Texas our politicians talk conservative values right up to the point where they fail to follow them.  Two foundation pieces of conservatism, are property rights and the free market system.  In Texas, […]

  • The new 30 pieces of silver

    Remember this?New York State town supervisors & boards – do you want to be had by the short hairs? Mt Pleasant supervisors had voted against MarkWest’s plans to expand their compressor stations.  Hickory’s been taking it on the chin from gas extraction, and the supervisors knew that more compressor stations were not in the community’s […]

  • Isengard becomes an orc factory

    Dispatch from Dimock: The activity has really picked up here and over toward Elk Lake. Truck and tanker activity is steadily increasing. Water / whatever trucks running all night long.  A dump truck roared by while I was along the road and it reeked of an oily smell – what was he hauling? Dirt roads […]

  • How the gas industry is setting us up, in 4 short paragraphs

    The industry is apparently taking the same tack with NYS “marks” as they did here [in Texas]. The need for pipelines and the total inability of municipalities to use police powers to control ROW selection for these ticking time bombs is an omission of material fact in mineral leases (producers 88) that makes this contract […]

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