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  • Prove it

    In a February 23rd story, the Denver Post reports that homeowner Tracy Dahl lost his case before the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Dahl’s water went bad on June 30, 2010, according to the Post story, “the same day that Pioneer fracked its Alibi well about 1300 feet away.” The COGCC – which “regulates” […]

  • “The resource curse”

    From “The Spill Seekers,” Outside Magazine, November 2010 ————————————- While I was in Louisiana, there was an event at the Cajundome, in Lafayette, called the Rally for Economic Survival:  11,000 people packed the place to hear the governor, the lieutenant governor, and, of all people, the executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion […]

  • EPA hearing comment: “Agencies appear to be captured by an industry they’ve been tasked to regulate”

    Comments to the EPA Hearing on Horizontal Drilling /High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing September 15, 2010, Binghamton, New York Good evening.  My name is Joan Tubridy; I am the daughter of a NYC Fire Captain, a former farmer for 23 years, and a middle school Math and English teacher for the past 16 years.  I am also a member […]

  • Promises, promises

    No economic boom, inadequate tax revenues, low royalties, wrecked roads, bad water. So what else is new? From 9/13/2010: Fracking in Arkansas Falling Short of Promise It appears that hydraulic fracturing in Arkansas’ Fayetteville shale isn’t living up to past promises. According to a report in Arkansas Business, depressed natural gas prices have eaten away at royalties […]

  • Clearfield County, PA District Attorney: Fraudulent deeds used to steal gas rights

    Press release July 15, 2010 Clearfield County (PA) District Attorney, William A. Shaw, Jr., announced that an investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the recording of fraudulent deeds filed at the Clearfield County Courthouse. Shaw reported that “the investigation is focusing on irregularities that appear in several deeds claiming ownership of gas rights […]

  • Ignore Pickens’ shilling for shale

    Excerpted from Dubious Path to a Green Future Originally published on 6/28/10 Many energy experts contend natural gas is the ideal fuel as the world makes the transition to renewable energy. But since much of that gas will come from underground shale, potentially at high environmental cost, it would be far better to skip the […]

  • “Over-sized fake gas checks were misleading”

    Editor, A May 13 article reporting on a ‘press conference’ that said $11.5 million generated last year from natural gas production in the Town of Smyrna will be handed over to officials presented misleading and factually incorrect information. Gas production may have generated $11.5 million, but that is revenue for Norse Energy, not Chenango County, […]

  • How the gas industry is setting us up, in 4 short paragraphs

    The industry is apparently taking the same tack with NYS “marks” as they did here [in Texas]. The need for pipelines and the total inability of municipalities to use police powers to control ROW selection for these ticking time bombs is an omission of material fact in mineral leases (producers 88) that makes this contract […]

  • “They promised us so many things and when the well was in, all of a sudden they forgot their end of the deal”

    From the News-Herald, Northern Ohio: “They come to your door with a deal hard to pass up, but it’s not all bells and whistles, says Peter Dautartas of Chester Township. “Dautartas, who recently signed a lease to have an oil well drilled in his yard, was one of several township residents who spoke out against […]

  • Investors: what is it the natural gas industry doesn’t want you to know?

    The editor of the O&G industry magazine World Oil was fired for defending a petroleum geologist’s columns indicating shale gas yields are overstated (that wells aren’t actually producing as industry advertised… not even close). Below are 3 links to articles regarding this incident. The 1st reports on the firing; the 2nd is the editor’s explanation for his firing […]

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