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  • Click on icon to go to Elizabeth Burns’ blog Read about Rancho Los Malulos on this blog See RSS feeds in right sidebar for her recent posts Elizabeth has now been subpoenaed by Chevronfor publicizing their poor performance.

  • Kim Jastremski, subject in Applebome NYT story, responds

    My response to Peter Applebome’s NYT article, in which I outline 3 major complaints:. 1.I also invited 5 other much more educated and articulate members of Middlefield Neighbors and Sustainable Otsego to meet with Applebome in my home, and none of the over two hours of conversation we had made it into the article.  Applebome had […]

  • A response to Peter Applebome of the NYT

    Dear Mr. Applebome, How could a reporter as good as you have missed the actual story of the voter sentiment and the politics surrounding gas drilling in the region you discussed? With respect, the real story is the overwhelming opposition to gas drilling among the voting population in the region you covered.  Personal conflicts in […]

  • Ken Jaffe’s testimony at the SRBC hearing, 9/15/11

    Public Comments Kenneth Jaffe, MD Meredith, NY SUSQUEHANNA RIVER BASIN COMMISSION September 15, 2011 Thank you for the opportunity to address the Commission. I want voice my objection to permits to withdraw water, and to address the responsibilities of this commission in the light of new scientific information concerning hydrofracking and drinking water quality. I’ll […]

  • Kim Jastremski, subject in Applebome NYT story, responds

    My response to Peter Applebome’s NYT article, in which I outline 3 major complaints: 1. I take issue with the way the article paints a picture of division in our community.  In fact, in my remarks to Peter Applebome, I made the point many times that, if anything, this issue has UNITED our community in the […]

  • Misery: Gas companies as neighbors, the lies they tell, the arms they twist, and the hellish consequences

    From a follow-up interview conducted by e-mail and used with permission: Hi David, Thanks for coming up to Ithaca on Friday. On a separate note, would you mind if I share your experience with fracking with people in Ithaca?  If it’s okay with you for me to do so, I’d also like to confirm what […]

  • Where’s the beef? Gas industry jobs & taxes paid just don’t measure up to claims

    Response to a WHYY report, New Numbers Show PA Gas Production Will Lead Nation. Ms. Phillips -.This series of Penn State Reports has used a false premise, that capital spending directly equates to jobs and taxes, to make highly exaggerated claims. The gas industry has a great need for capital but an extraordinarily low requirement for staffing, about 10% […]

  • Would a local or statewide ban result in “takings” proceedings and liability? No.

    Banning Hydrofracking Is Not A “Taking” of Property By Mary Jo Long, Esq. As the public sentiment grows for a ban on High Volume Hydrofracking (HVHF), lawyers and others who speak for corporate profit-making opportunities in natural gas say that laws banning or limiting gas drilling is a “taking” of property.  Even some who seem […]

  • Commission review: DEC’s Division of Mineral Resources incompetent to regulate O&G

    FAILURES  OF  DEC  OIL  &  GAS  REGULATION By Brian Brock Programs for oil and gas regulation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation were reviewed by Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission in 1994.  The resulting fifty five page report examines the details, but does not provide an overview.  Nevertheless Finding I.10 is […]

  • What’s all this about propane fracking?

    From Ron Bishop, 4/11/2010: “A few “eco-friendly” fracturing schemes are out and about, but they all come with some* issues.” “Propane is a gas at ordinary pressures, but can be fairly easily liquefied with pressure.  It is, of course, a fossil fuel itself.  Using propane would get around using millions of gallons of water, but would not […]

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