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  • Must read: “How Neutral is the Potential Gas Committee?”

    From a blog post by Adam Federman at Earth Island Institute: The NYT Tells Only Half The Story An article published last week in the New York Times (“Estimate Places Natural Gas Reserves 35% Higher”) extols the potential virtues of a natural gas boom and, in particular, new technologies that have made it possible to profitably extract […]

  • Top Ten Reasons Why Stone Gas Drilling Rocks

    MB’s TOP TEN REASONS WHY STONE GAS DRILLING ROCKS 10. Creates jobs for road repair crews, EMTs, lawyers, nurses, physicians, marriage counselors, firefighters, law enforcement officers, & meth dealers & has added bonus of providing extra income for corrupt politicians 9. Drilling noise easily drowns out next-door neighbor’s kid’s garage band 8. Devastated landscape, loss […]

  • Encana, why’d you bother lining that pit at all?

    May 14, 2009 – Encana buries frack pit waste onsite – right over a drinking water source. Colorado regulators are asleep at the switch. New York’s DEC inspectors are required to visit well sites just 3 times: before work begins, when the surface casing is cemented, and after the site is “reclaimed.” You thinking what I’m […]

  • Industry lies: Mayor of DISH, TX, on “the camel’s nose in the tent” – or what happens to a small town when it believes what the industry reps say

    Thanks to for this story: From Calvin Tillman, Mayor of DISH, TexasI continue to bring up the negative illustrations of the impact the numerous pipelines, compressors and metering stations which have forced themselves upon our small community. In fighting the last four years, it has been a hope of mine that at some point the assault […]

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