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  • Steve Doeung: I got people

    From Don Young: Steve Doeung: I got people Indeed he does. Something like a tsunami of outrage is rolling over Fort Worth in support of Steve Doeung and the thousands like him who have been bullied by lawless gas drillers who are trying to ram dangerous NG pipelines AND extraction operations into our neighborhoods. Steve […]

  • DISH, TX Mayor Tillman writes: impressions from his visit to NYS & PA

    As I return from almost a full week touring the Marcellus, I reflect on all the people I met for the first time.  Many of these people had spoke via phone or email with me on several occasions; however, most had never met me in person.  These folks welcomed me into their homes as though […]

  • Many voices, one message: STATEWIDE BAN

    Albany, NY, January 25, 2010 (see previous posts below): While approximately 500 people were inside the Convention Center (under The Egg), a group of demonstrators paused on the New York State Capitol Building’s steps — despite the rain and 40 mph gusts — demanding a “STATEWIDE BAN” on unconventional gas drilling.

  • 1/25/10: More than 500 rally in Albany to oppose unconventional extraction of natural gas

    The 01/25/2010 Albany West Capitol Park Rally of over 500 people opposed to unconventional gas drilling was moved inside, under the Egg DEC workers supporting 01/25 people’s protest of the DEC’s dSGEIS (door Stop Giving Extraction Industry Shelter)… The dSGEIS  concluded that cumulative effects of tens or hundreds of thousands of toxic waste production sites […]

  • And they just kept coming

  • Welcome to the weblog!

    Thank you for your interest and participation. One of the purposes of this weblog is to serve as a place to publicly record scope comments that were presented at one of the 6 DEC draft scope comment hearings, or submitted to DEC by mail or by e-mail by the 12/15 deadline. For in-depth conversation on the […]

  • Investors: what is it the natural gas industry doesn’t want you to know?

    The editor of the O&G industry magazine World Oil was fired for defending a petroleum geologist’s columns indicating shale gas yields are overstated (that wells aren’t actually producing as industry advertised… not even close). Below are 3 links to articles regarding this incident. The 1st reports on the firing; the 2nd is the editor’s explanation for his firing […]

  • Chesapeake won’t drill in the NYC watershed? ………… (Speaking of NYC, there’s a bridge Chesapeake would like to sell you, too)

    Some informed viewpoints: “Thinking like a lawyer, my first thought was that Chesapeake’s lawyers said, “avoid drilling in the NYC watershed” because NYC has the legal resources to litigate when any accident happens in the watershed.  Additionally lawsuits usually center on the amount of damages, so an accident in the NYC watershed could generate an […]

  • If at first you don’t spill enough, try, try again

    Dimock, PA, approximately Thursday, 9/3:A blowout occurs during drilling under a road and wetland for a gas pipeline, resulting in a large spill of drilling mud.  Witnesses report a greasy, gray film running down a water body.  Local people who hear about the blowout have difficulty getting the straight story, despite persistently asking questions of […]

  • Talk dirty to me

    From Gas-lease offer ‘excites’ area group After ’08 deal dies, Wyoming County Landowners expect Chesapeake Energy deal. “We knew that we wanted a company that could afford to buy 37,000 acres … that could not only buy us, but drill us.” – landowners’ group secretary Noun:masochism 1. the enjoyment of receiving pain

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