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  • New report: Cuomo’s fracking panel fatally biased

    Independent Coalition of Citizens Against FrackingFor Immediate ReleaseSeptember 20, 2011 Grassroots Groups Expose Bias of Cuomo’s Fracking Advisory Panel in Report Released Today Contact: Report available at New York State’s recently named Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel is stacked with appointees who have already made clear they’re on the side of the gas industry’s plan […]

  • Would a local or statewide ban result in “takings” proceedings and liability? No.

    Banning Hydrofracking Is Not A “Taking” of Property By Mary Jo Long, Esq. As the public sentiment grows for a ban on High Volume Hydrofracking (HVHF), lawyers and others who speak for corporate profit-making opportunities in natural gas say that laws banning or limiting gas drilling is a “taking” of property.  Even some who seem […]

  • 100 years’ worth of natural gas from US shales? There’s no there there.

    There isn’t really so much recoverable shale gas out there.   And there isn’t nearly enough market for what’s currently coming out of the ground.  What’s a dinosaur of an energy player to do? Here’s what:  First, convince investors that natural gas is the next big thing.  (You can do this with lots of slick commercials on the financial […]

  • Promises, promises

    No economic boom, inadequate tax revenues, low royalties, wrecked roads, bad water. So what else is new? From 9/13/2010: Fracking in Arkansas Falling Short of Promise It appears that hydraulic fracturing in Arkansas’ Fayetteville shale isn’t living up to past promises. According to a report in Arkansas Business, depressed natural gas prices have eaten away at royalties […]

  • The game was afoot long before we were aware

    We usually leave events to the events calendar.  The announcement below is worth an exception because of its particular combination of pic and text:  The industry and its lobbyists have been working the halls of state capitols and wining & dining local officials for a long time. The citizens were the last to know.

  • “Over-sized fake gas checks were misleading”

    Editor, A May 13 article reporting on a ‘press conference’ that said $11.5 million generated last year from natural gas production in the Town of Smyrna will be handed over to officials presented misleading and factually incorrect information. Gas production may have generated $11.5 million, but that is revenue for Norse Energy, not Chenango County, […]

  • Something you can do about the compromised Kerry, Graham, Lieberman climate bill

    From > SIGN THE PETITION < The Kerry, Graham and Lieberman climate bill has become so compromised it’s rotten. Let Congress know that you are deeply concerned about climate change, and therefore support a vote AGAINST this bill. Tell them a much, much stronger climate bill is absolutely necessary! When the House of Representatives passed the […]

  • “a few are riding, but the rest are run over…”

    “Men have an indistinct notion that if they keep up this activity of joint stocks and spades long enough, all will at length ride somewhere in next to no time, and for nothing; but though a crowd rushes to the depot, and the conductor shouts ‘All aboard!’ when the smoke is blown away and the […]

  • Investors: what is it the natural gas industry doesn’t want you to know?

    The editor of the O&G industry magazine World Oil was fired for defending a petroleum geologist’s columns indicating shale gas yields are overstated (that wells aren’t actually producing as industry advertised… not even close). Below are 3 links to articles regarding this incident. The 1st reports on the firing; the 2nd is the editor’s explanation for his firing […]

  • Would shale gas reduce coal use? No, say the numbers

    A piece published November 4th and titled Unnatural Gas: The Inflated Promise of a Not-So-Clean Fuel concludes: Meanwhile, in competing with Big Coal for the affections of Congress, the newly formed America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) launched an $80 million advertising and lobbying campaign earlier this year to promote its “clean, abundant, American, reliable, and versatile” product. As […]

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