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  • Wait a minute, Chemung CoC: How is this NOT an advocacy session?

    Quoting Chamber president Kevin Keeley, The Star Gazette reports: “This is an information session, not an advocacy session. It’s not a hearing, not a debate,” he said. “It’s simply an opportunity for the chamber constituency, which is the business and professional community, to learn more about some fundamental facets of the gas drilling phenomena.” The 90-minute program […]

  • PA landowners form pipeline information group

    The Independent Weekender reports: Landowners’ pipeline group forms Staff ReportPublished: March 17, 2010 A group of Susquehanna and Wyoming County landowners concerned about natural gas pipeline easements has formed, and is willing to share information with other landowners to form their own neighborhood groups or for others to join them. The Lemon Township Pipeline Group has […]

  • A glass of Pennsylvania lemonade, Mr. Gill?

    Governor Rendell, Governor Paterson, will you join us?Mr Grannis? Mr. Gruskin?  There’s plenty for all. I live in Hickory, PA… just to update what is going on here, we had our water sent to an independent lab. The amount of toxic chemicals found were off the chart.  We had the DEP come to the house […]

  • Buckeye Creek update

    Have you noticed how often the industry and its sympathizers repeat the refrain that fracking happens so far below the water table from which drinking water is drawn that there’s no danger of frack fluids getting into drinking water?  This despite the evidence that stuff really does get around, even if they don’t understand how. There’s another […]

  • Too much of a good thing is too much

    Mono Lake, in California, is about twice as saline as ocean water.  Very few species can survive there for long.   The exceptions are an algae, brine shrimp, and alkali flies.  Mark Twain found Mono Lake to be a “lifeless, treeless, hideous desert… the loneliest place on earth.” (Wikipedia) Brine from gas wells is six to ten times as […]

  • “a few are riding, but the rest are run over…”

    “Men have an indistinct notion that if they keep up this activity of joint stocks and spades long enough, all will at length ride somewhere in next to no time, and for nothing; but though a crowd rushes to the depot, and the conductor shouts ‘All aboard!’ when the smoke is blown away and the […]

  • “A property with a gas or oil lease is not eligible for FHA financing.”

  • This is your life on gas drilling

    Let’s not have to learn the hard way

  • What’s wrong with this picture?

    A November 4th press release from the PA DEP reveals that while “numerous” people in Dimock have been without good water for, oh, a year, give or take, it takes an agreement process with DEP to force Cabot Oil & Gas to address residents’ need for “replacement” water.  It takes an agreement process with DEP […]

  • Thursday a.m. pipeline explosion, Texas

    The Associated Press reports: Gas line explodes in Panhandle Nov. 5, 2009, 9:29AM Flames blazed more than 400 feet high above a natural gas line explosion that rocked Bushland, Texas about 1 a.m. today. BUSHLAND — A natural gas pipeline exploded in the Texas Panhandle on Thursday, shaking homes, melting window blinds and shooting flames […]

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