Category: Bad Neighbors

  • “The resource curse”

    From “The Spill Seekers,” Outside Magazine, November 2010 ————————————- While I was in Louisiana, there was an event at the Cajundome, in Lafayette, called the Rally for Economic Survival:  11,000 people packed the place to hear the governor, the lieutenant governor, and, of all people, the executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion […]

  • When pigs fly

    Pipeline ‘pig’ crashes through Grand Prairie homeby BRETT SHIPP WFAA – NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES Watch the Video here: Posted on October 20, 2010 at 10:48 PM GRAND PRAIRIE — Those worried about the growing number of gas pipelines in North Texas may have new justification for their concerns. This time, it’s not a leak or an […]

  • Caught in the act in West Virginia

    We knew it happens; here’s proof: Tanker dumping fluid onto public road see also   Sootypaws Journal – Fracture Waste

  • Every agency has its price

    Side-by-side sampling reveals that the Texas Department of Environmental Quality air monitor in Dish, Texas is under-recording toxic VOC levels in the air. Now why d’ya suppose it’d do that?

  • How long could you live with this?

    Week-long well flaring, 24/7, West Virginia

  • Calvin Tillman: What happened to conservative values?

    What happened to conservative values? It has been very disappointing to see our conservative values continue to dwindle under the pressure from large corporations.  In Texas our politicians talk conservative values right up to the point where they fail to follow them.  Two foundation pieces of conservatism, are property rights and the free market system.  In Texas, […]

  • PA ag department quarantines cattle exposed to fracking toxins

    COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIADept. of Environmental ProtectionCommonwealth News BureauRoom 308, Main Capitol BuildingHarrisburg PA., 17120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE07/1/2010CONTACT:Justin Fleming, Department of Agriculture717-787-5085Cattle from Tioga County Farm Quarantined after Coming in Contact with Natural Gas Drilling Wastewater HARRISBURG — The Department of Agriculture announced today that it has quarantined cattle from a Tioga County farm after a […]

  • The new 30 pieces of silver

    Remember this?New York State town supervisors & boards – do you want to be had by the short hairs? Mt Pleasant supervisors had voted against MarkWest’s plans to expand their compressor stations.  Hickory’s been taking it on the chin from gas extraction, and the supervisors knew that more compressor stations were not in the community’s […]

  • Isengard becomes an orc factory

    Dispatch from Dimock: The activity has really picked up here and over toward Elk Lake. Truck and tanker activity is steadily increasing. Water / whatever trucks running all night long.  A dump truck roared by while I was along the road and it reeked of an oily smell – what was he hauling? Dirt roads […]

  • Daily American: “Drilling impacts neighbors” Drilling impacts neighbors BAKERSVILLE — Not everyone in the Jefferson Township community is thrilled about their new 137-foot tall neighbor. Jerri Rigo said she lives less than a quarter-mile from the drilling rig on the farm of Robert and Janet Miller. And she said she hasn’t slept well in three weeks. “At night it’s […]

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