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  • DISH, Texas: “Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

    From Calvin Tillman’s blog: When taking over as mayor of DISH, the first question that was asked by the local media outlets was to respond to the fact that our property values as a whole had decreased considerably from the past year. This is where small towns and cities get the bulk of their funding, […]

  • Dear RFK, what *are* you thinking? Part Deux

    Guest editorial – MB writes: Here’s a quote from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s piece on wind turbines: “All of us need periodically to experience wilderness to renew our spirits and reconnect ourselves to the common history of our nation, humanity and to God. The worst trap that environmentalists can fall into is the conviction that […]

  • Essay: Bottled Greenwash

    Essay: Bottled Greenwash By Anthony Henry Smith Some may think Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. should recuse himself from NY Governor Cuomo’s 13-person committee on fracking simply because he is the governor’s ex brother-in-law, but how many are aware of an additional conflict? If fracking poisons any part of the state’s drinking water supply, public reaction […]

  • Citizen-led ballot initiative to amend the Michigan state constitution to ban horizontal fracking, statewide

    Committee to Ban Fracking in MichiganFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 14, 2012 CHARLEVOIX, MICH. – A citizen-led ballot initiative to amend the Michigan state constitution to ban horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, statewide began this week. The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan, a ballot question committee, received approval of its petition from the Board of State […]

  • A message from the makers of the upcoming film, “Holy Terror”: Lifting the Veil, April 2012

    Holy Terror Farm is a paradise of sorts on the banks of Terror Creek in the Western Colorado Rockies.  Bushels of fresh fruits and vegetables of every sort, species, and color sprout from this soil every season (yes, even winter!).  And all the water that irrigates the orchard, garden, and pastures here is siphoned directly from […]

  • Every Drop Counts

    Every Drop Counts How can I conserve water? My answer may surprise you. Last week , a City of Longmont water board member commented that he has a fiduciary responsibility to sell Longmont’s ‘surplus water’. Currently, Longmont leases out 600 acre feet of water per year to big oil for fracking and drilling. Oil fracking […]

  • Donald L Hassig, Cancer Action Network, draft SGEIS comment

    Deputy Commissioner Leff takes the position that the best way to proceed with HVHF in New York State is to make a firm commitment to minimizing all exposures to harmful chemical substances released intothe environment by shale gas exploitation.  I argued that considering the history of shale gas exploitation throughout the United States and the […]

  • In the way

    EDITOR: At 7 p.m. on Nov. 14, 2011, in spite of 22,094 comments objecting to this project, 35 bi-partisan Pa. state representatives, 2 state senators, the EPA, the Sierra Club, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, and many other organizations across Pa., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved and granted a certificate to Inergy/CNYOG to begin construction […]

  • Welcome to the weblog

    Thanks for visiting. Please also visit our main site: including: natural gas extraction FAQs lies, damned lies & statistics resources & documents images & video the organizers page events calendar already leased? contact us  or support our work follow us on facebook To see current posts, please scroll down past the ‘sticky’ posts here at […]

  • Harrisburg: Fix Dimock’s Water

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