Year: 2011

  • Commission review: DEC’s Division of Mineral Resources incompetent to regulate O&G

    FAILURES  OF  DEC  OIL  &  GAS  REGULATION By Brian Brock Programs for oil and gas regulation by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation were reviewed by Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission in 1994.  The resulting fifty five page report examines the details, but does not provide an overview.  Nevertheless Finding I.10 is […]

  • What’s all this about propane fracking?

    From Ron Bishop, 4/11/2010: “A few “eco-friendly” fracturing schemes are out and about, but they all come with some* issues.” “Propane is a gas at ordinary pressures, but can be fairly easily liquefied with pressure.  It is, of course, a fossil fuel itself.  Using propane would get around using millions of gallons of water, but would not […]

  • Why regulation cannot protect us

    •     No regulation can prevent the extraordinary squandering of fresh water, 5½ million gallons average per well, 100% of which becomes contaminated — permanently — and removed from the natural water cycle. This in an era of critically diminishing supplies of fresh water in the US and around the world. According to Prof. Tony Ingraffea, Cornell rock […]

  • Prove it

    In a February 23rd story, the Denver Post reports that homeowner Tracy Dahl lost his case before the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Dahl’s water went bad on June 30, 2010, according to the Post story, “the same day that Pioneer fracked its Alibi well about 1300 feet away.” The COGCC – which “regulates” […]

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