Year: 2011

  • Dear God, please save our town.

  • Ken Jaffe: groundwater, equal protection & the SGEIS

    In its Executive Summary of the revised SGEIS released yesterday, the DEC states clearly that groundwater is at sufficient risk from gas drilling to restrict gas drilling to protect  those drinking groundwater. But they only afford that protection to those drinking from primary aquifers. The DEC leaves the great majority of drinkers of groundwater in […]

  • Mel Packer addresses the DoE Fracking Advisory Board

  • NY’s proposed water withdrawal bill a bad, bad idea

    Loophole in NY Water Withdrawal Bill Gives Fracking Industry Unlimited Rights Senate Bill Puts Public Water Into Private Hands 06.13.2011– WATKINS GLEN, NY – A loophole contained in a landmark water withdrawal bill now under consideration in the New York Senate will allow the fracking industry to take more than 100,000 gallons of water per day from […]

  • The Time is Now: “4220 or Fight” – A Call to Action

    The Time is Now: “4220 Or Fight!”(Sen. Avella re Ban bill, May 2nd Ban Rally) A Call to Action Dear Friends,                                                                            June 11, 2011 By now, we all know what the problems are with shale gas methane mining, and polls indicate that the majority of New Yorkers, when they hear the truth about hydro-fracking, are in […]

  • Squeezing Blood From Stone

    SQUEEZING BLOOD FROM STONE By Paul Bermanzohn, MD The development, in 1993 after years of research and trial and error by Texas oilman George Mitchell, of a new technique called hydraulic hydrofracturing was combined in 2002 with horizontal drilling, another new technique, to make possible the extraction of so-called “natural gas” from long-coveted Marcellus Shale […]

  • The Frack Farm says, Be There: Statewide Ban rally, Monday, May 2

  • ShaleTest’s Truth Tour

    The gas industry talks the talk about being a good neighbor.  But do they walk the walk?  What are they really like to live with?  Calvin Tillman and Tim Ruggiero know firsthand from living up close and personal with the industry in Texas, and they’ve formed ShaleTest to help people across the country document the pre-drilling condition […]

  • Would a local or statewide ban result in “takings” proceedings and liability? No.

    Banning Hydrofracking Is Not A “Taking” of Property By Mary Jo Long, Esq. As the public sentiment grows for a ban on High Volume Hydrofracking (HVHF), lawyers and others who speak for corporate profit-making opportunities in natural gas say that laws banning or limiting gas drilling is a “taking” of property.  Even some who seem […]

  • Rally May 2nd in Albany for a Statewide Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing

    May 2 – Rally for a Statewide Ban on Fracking! 10:30 AM – West Capitol Park in Albany map Sign up for a Bus / Carpool by April 25th – Event page: Details: 10AM-10:30: Buses, vans, and carpools arrive from across the state10:30-11 AM: Music, people gather on the Capitol West Lawn 11AM-12:30: Rally w/speakers […]

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