ShaleTest launches

ShaleTest Image

From the ShaleTest website: Is a Non-Profit Organization providing environmental testing services, public speaking engagements and educational materials to private individuals and groups whose lives are affected by natural gas development.

Purpose: To provide environmental testing of private individuals drinking water, air and soil, for those affected or potentially affected by natural gas development whose personal financial situation prohibit the costs of test.

Additionally, to provide testing of water where drinking water is sourced (area lakes, rivers, streams and other large bodies of water), for evidence of fluids and /or chemicals associated with natural gas development.  This may include the testing of potentially affected wildlife.

Also, to provide educational awareness to the public of the dangers associated with natural gas development.  This is to be accomplished by holding public meetings, speaking engagements, visual presentations and distribution of literature, pamphlets, books and other documents such as videos and pictures. is a new national group that has a mission:  “To provide lower income and compromised individuals with environmental testing of their drinking water, air and soil that might have been impacted by natural gas development.  Our testing involves analyzing and measuring these elements for the presence of natural gas development fluids or associated chemicals and compounds. We also provide the public with educational awareness to the dangers associated with natural gas development.” Currently, ShaleTest has testing volunteers in Texas, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and is recruiting in other states.