Isengard becomes an orc factory

Dispatch from Dimock:

The activity has really picked up here and over toward Elk Lake. Truck and tanker activity is steadily increasing. Water / whatever trucks running all night long.  A dump truck roared by while I was along the road and it reeked of an oily smell – what was he hauling? Dirt roads are being widened and built up. Watched Brown Tree employees cut giant trees along a road that I considered one of the most beautiful walks in Dimock.  The well site at Rayias has a pit.  Thought pits were out?  The Lathrop Compressor is just the beginning – it will be expanded as more wells come on line.  Pipeline paths everywhere.  After some optimism last few weeks I am sad to inform you – the destruction is in full swing, it does not look like we will get any help here in Susquehanna County. Heard a Cabot worker bought the bar a round at a local bar, dropped $600.00 on the crowd. Business is good…

– Victoria Switzer