Part 4: “He needs to buy a home here and get his free schoolin’”

I am not sure what planet Mr. Triebe is from, natural gas is odorless, until an odorant is added to it. The Town of Dish has had the odorizing units removed from these sites located here because they were so noxious. Tell him to come back to town and breathe deeper. Six people have died of cancer surrounding this site in the last 2 years.

Public school funding is a battle in every state election in Texas, because our school property taxes are the highest taxes that we pay here. Mr. Triebe needs to buy a home here and get some of his free schoolin’, at tax paying time.

I have raised 5 children here, ages 19 to 29, all but the one U.S. Marine fighting in Afghanistan, have attended college. No one in Denton is giving away free college to the youth of the Barnett Shale.

The average locomotive for a freight train has a 1,250 horse power engine, can you hear one of those, Mr. Triebe? The compressors in the Town of Dish are as much as 3,550 horse power. And there are 11 of them. Are you stone deaf?

We have documented daily sound readings of 80 to 125 db. 85 db is the level of a gas lawn mower at full throttle. 110 db is front row at a rock concert. 120 db is the human pain threshold.

The issue with a gas pipeline buried across your property is once this 24 or 36 inch pipeline is buried there, you can not do anything with the property for 25 to 50 feet either side of it. You cannot build or develop the land in any way, No buildings, No structures. No roadways. And no one is going to buy it from you,either. Of course if it leaks all of your worries will be over, permanently.

I grew up in the oil field. My father has been honored as an oil field pioneer. The oil and gas business is a dirty, filthy and loud business.

There are some new drilling rigs designed to be quieter and somewhat less of a pain, but those are one in a million, at this time.

I am not against the oil and gas industry, exactly the opposite! I am against the way some operators are performing in the industry. We have had some operators come to town and work very hard to work with us. And I am proud of them for their efforts. And we have others that are trying to kill us and our children, for their profit.


Bill Sciscoe
Town Commissioner, Dish Texas