PA landowners form pipeline information group

The Independent Weekender reports:

Landowners’ pipeline group forms

Staff Report
Published: March 17, 2010

A group of Susquehanna and Wyoming County landowners concerned about natural gas pipeline easements has formed, and is willing to share information with other landowners to form their own neighborhood groups or for others to join them.

The Lemon Township Pipeline Group has been meeting for months and its members are looking at a range of easement and right-of-way agreements that leaseholders need to consider as more and more drilling companies come into the area looking to get the gas from the Marcellus shale to market.

Core Lemon group members are concerned that property owners lack adequate information about what’s coming to the area as well as what their rights are when negotiating a natural gas pipeline easement or ‘right-of-way agreements.

Such issues as price, nature, location, type, pipeline depth below surface, installation, road repair, pressure, timetable, abandonment, rights, restrictions and environmental responsibilities are among the many issues that individuals need to consider.

Members of the core group want to impress a sense of strength in numbers in requiring both the drilling and pipeline industry to move forward in a way that indeed is responsible to the region’s environmental well-being, and land stewardship.

Anyone interested in joining the discussion should contact pipelinerowinfo(at)