Chesapeake eminent domain travesty in Texas: ……… Judge lies in court, homeowner given no recourse

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Monday, March 15, 2010

What in the…????

We have gotten tons of emails asking what the latest is on the Carter Avenue Pipeline. Well, the scandal has taken yet another turn.

Texas Lone Star had a representative in the courtroom during Steve Doeung’s hearingour representative, along with the other Carter Avenue supporters packed in the courtroom heard Judge Sprinkle say, repeatedly, WHEN he signed the order, Steve would have 30 days to appeal or file a motion to dismiss. Judge Sprinkle also said Steve would be notified when this took place.

We’re told, that this morning Steve went to the courthouse to file yet another petition to try and save his home. Unfortunately, Judge Sprinkle’s Clerk approached Steve and told him that the order was signed on Tuesday, March 9th and THE CASE WAS CLOSED. We beg your pardon? Steve was not allowed to file anything and told they couldn’t help him there. WHO can? And WHERE?

If the order was signed, taking away a taxpayers property, and giving it to a corporation, WHY was the taxpayer not notified (AGAIN)? This reminds us of the antics in the courtroom when the attorneys presented Steve with the paperwork against him, that he hasn’t ever seen, even though it was from last year. WHERE is the justice?

If Steve’s councilwoman, Kathleen Hicks is working hard (“my continuing effort to ensure that a Chesapeake gas pipeline does not go down Carter Avenue.”) and there is an alternative route in play, WHY do they need to move forward with taking Steve’s property? ASK HER. TODAY.

Somebody call Senator Davis too, please. She was the one being vocal about them “backing away from the suit”. We all need her help.

If all of these things are taking place – WHERE IS THE NEWS? You know, the unbiased media? Someone should ask them too.Posted by The Star-Telegraph at Monday, March 15, 2010 Labels: Carter AvenueEminent Domaingas drillingSteve Doeung________________________‘Label’ links will take you to the blog at StarTelegraph to learn more.  And please do – Steve is all of us.