Buckeye Creek update

Have you noticed how often the industry and its sympathizers repeat the refrain that fracking happens so far below the water table from which drinking water is drawn that there’s no danger of frack fluids getting into drinking water?  This despite the evidence that stuff really does get around, even if they don’t understand how.

There’s another way drinking water gets contaminated:  surface spills.  Spilled substances can seep down to groundwater.  Or, as at Buckeye Creek, a town’s drinking water can be contaminated by spills that find their way into surface waters.

In late November the Sootypaws website and blog posted an extensive update on the mysterious spill at Buckeye Creek, in Doddridge County, WV.

Make yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for an excellent and thorough account of what is known.

Buckeye Creek Update

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