Hydrofracture compatible with farming? Part 2

Dear Mr Cyr,

As a former farmer, I am appalled by these pictures.  Is there any definite evidence that the tumors on these animals was caused by hydrofracking by-products?  Is anyone doing any research on these incidents?  If so, and there are definite links to the hydrofracking compounds, then they should be presented to the DEC immediately!

Where were these pictures taken?  NY?  Pennsylvania?

I would appreciate any further information you can provide on these incidents.  Thank you.

Hello Carol,.What the diseased calf and buck had in common was both were grazing on land where gas drilling hydrofracture had taken place. Those who believe it normal for beef and deer to be in such condition might consider that to be an irrelevant coincidence. The photo of the hideously deformed by cancer deer is from Louisiana. The photo of the diseased calf is from Arkansas. The Arkansas rancher who had leased his land for gas drilling reportedly had to dispose of his entire herd; while the herds of his neighbors who didn’t lease weren’t affected..For those informed of the types of chemicals that are used in hydrofracture, and the immense scale of use that would be required to actually extract the great amounts global corporations wish to extract of these last remnants of gas so tightly bound up within the material of the rock itself, unconventional gas drilling hydrofracture is clearly incompatible with agricultural use of land. If they get this gas, we will lose our clean water and eventually no longer be able to produce safe food..The DEC is well aware of the environmental unsoundness of this form of gas extraction. Unfortunately, due to corporate ownership of government, the DEC’s prime concern is maximizing energy resource extraction… not protecting the environment that all living things depend upon for health and well being.With government compromised by corporate campaign contribution ownership, agencies created for the protection of the people are no longer performing that function..The responsible research is being done by scientists who are independent of corporate/government influence (see TEDX)..TEDX Research – Chemicals in Natural Gas Operations:http://www.endocrinedisruption.com/chemicals.introduction.php.Recent incidents raise issues on drilling, environment:http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20090809/NEWS01/908090333/www.deq.louisiana.gov/.Arkansas Blog – Cow killers: