Mr. Ventello, is that a threat or a promise?

From The River Reporter, covering a presentation hosted by Penn State Cooperative Extension (PSCE) at Honesdale High School:

“Ventello [executive director of the Central Bradford Progress Authority] lauded the economic benefits to Bradford County, but became frustrated at questions related to the possible health effects associated with chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluids. ‘If you want to be critical of the materials they’re using, I suggest you talk to the gas companies,’ he said.

“’What about the health impacts?’ asked audience member Beverly Sterner. ‘What commissioners are going to represent that? What company is going to represent that? How are you going to deal with the health of the community because there’s evidence that gas drilling has caused terrible health problems and even death?’

“’Do you want me to stay here? Because I’ll walk out of here!’ Ventello responded.”

Mr Ventello, being in authority means exercising stewardship of community resources on behalf of the community. If you can’t answer the community’s questions, both competently and respectfully, you should indeed “walk out” – of not only the room but the position you’re in no position to occupy.

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