Ohio: Gas well accident causes dangerous leak in residential neighborhood

July 8, 2009 –  A landscaper’s backhoe struck a gas well in Mayfield Heights, near Cleveland, Ohio, forcing the evacuation of apartments and businesses,  according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and News Channel 5.  According to a spokesperson for NEOGAP, the accident occurred during the routine process of “reclaiming” the well site – that is, regrading and seeding.

According to the Plain Dealer, a woman who answered the phone at Bass Energy Co, the well owner, hung up on a reporter.  Video shot by Newsnet 5 shows the vice president of Bass Energy ripping the mic from a reporter’s hand and throwing it away in the parking lot, after the reporter followed him to his car to get a comment.



Story and video:


Food for thought:

Were you under the impression that if you live in a town, you don’t have to worry about being affected by the natural gas industry?

Why do states  allow gas wells – an obvious hazard – to be developed in densely populated residential neighborhood and commercial areas?

When the neighborhood opposed the well (see video) why were its concerns ignored?

Do you think your state and regulating agencies are really looking out for you and your community?

Do gas companies make good neighbors?

Do you want the hazards of a gas well near you?