Let’s not have to learn the hard way

We don’t have to wonder how New York State could be affected by HD/HVHF (horizontal drilling / high-volume hydraulic fracturing.  All we have to do is look at what’s happened – and happening – in other states.    Here’s a voice from the Barnett Shale in Texas:

“We have learned that the industry we are dealing with is a mafia within itself, a criminal industry that has the backing of government at all levels. All of the communication the public receives from this mafia-esque industry comes through “public relations” people–that is to say, paid professional liars.

“Our advice to you is don’t ever believe a word they say about important issues. Don’t ever enter into negotiations with them. Any time you are forced to deal with them, be advised that nothing they refuse to put into a contract is an enforceable commitment.

“Once you have signed a mineral lease and the driller has spudded in a bit, you have become a junior co- owner of your property with no power over what is done on the surface or below.”

– Jerry Lobdill, http://www.fwcando.org/http://fw-credo.com/