Gas industry in the neighborhood, or, How comfy …….. is your basement?

From Hedgehog Lane, Bradford Township, McKean County, PA:

“There is a Crossett truck here this morning.  The second that I saw it pull up, I closed every window because I knew what was coming.  My house is currently full of vapors that are making me nauseous….even with every window closed, this is the result.  What more can I do????  There is nowhere in my house that I can go to escape the fumes, I certainly can’t go outside, and I have no vehicle.  So I am forced to sit here light-headed, dizzy, and with a headache sucking in these fumes.  This is the third time in the past 6 days that we have been exposed to this severity of stench.  This is a very real problem that is going on way too long.”

“I spent 2.5  hours in my basement because the fumes were so bad in my home while a propane truck filled up from the stripper plant.  It’s the 3rd time in 6 days that the stench has been so bad, but today was by far the worst!  The basement even stunk, just not as bad as the rest of the house…I have had calls from neighbors over a pretty large area that say that they experienced the vapors today as well.”