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From the Susquehanna County Independent newspaper,  April 21, in the weekly “News From Dimock” feature:

“We residents of Dimock Township owe a great big “Thank You” to the neighbors who have been complaining loudly for months that Cabot’s faulty drilling practices have ruined their drinking water. Some of us did not take them seriously but they kept at it… Finally, DEP has proved them right and declared a year’s moratorium on drilling. This does not purify their drinking water but perhaps it will prevent contamination for the rest of us.  Thank you dear neighbors-especially those who live on Carter Rd. and points east.”


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You’re not allowed to see this content anymore. It was real, it happened, but the gas industry doesn’t want you to see it, so the person whose videos these were was forced through a settlement – the only way they could receive just compensation – to remove them.

How do you feel about having your access to accurate information denied by corporations who don’t want you to know about their destructive practices and how to protect yourself against them?

Firsthand experiences with Marcellus drilling




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The industry is apparently taking the same tack with NYS “marks” as they did here [in Texas].

The need for pipelines and the total inability of municipalities to use police powers to control ROW selection for these ticking time bombs is an omission of material fact in mineral leases (producers 88) that makes this contract fraudulent in the inducement.

Drillers know that if they described their complete plans for production to potential lessors and municipal governments there would be nobody who would sign a lease.  Their con game involves appealing to greed to get the wells in the ground while saying as little as possible about any facts that would raise concerns. Then once they have spent millions of dollars on the well drilling (with the cooperation of the marks and the government) they will be in a position to threaten a lawsuit if there are any objections later to the infrastructure needs they unveil as it becomes necessary to do so. At that point they play blame-the-victim and ridicule any naysayers as being stupid for not realizing that pipelines, gas processing plants, and compression stations were going to be required. They will say “Buyer beware!”, and “You failed in your obligation to do due diligence before signing.”

But the fact is that the contracts are fraudulent by omission of material fact. I know of no case law where this issue has been tried, but I’m not a lawyer, either.

Jerry Lobdill
Fort Worth, TX

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From the Desk of Senator Tom Libous
April 27, 2010

Dear ———-,

DEC announced last week that permit applications in the Syracuse and New York City watersheds will be excluded from their environmental review process. All applications for horizontal drilling in these watersheds would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

You can read DEC’s full announcement by clicking here.

What does that mean to us? With Syracuse and NYC watersheds having extra protection, this could do two things:

1) Help stop some of the New York City opposition to drilling.

2) Free up DEC’s review efforts to focus on permit applications outside of those areas.

We might see safe gas drilling begin sooner than we thought.

But, we still face opposition from New York City Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. You can read his statement on www.SafeDrillingNow.com. We have to keep fighting.

Best wishes,



Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? : Two maps, two standards, part 2

Then again, maybe he reads our blog…


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From EnergyJustice.net


The Kerry, Graham and Lieberman climate bill has become so compromised it’s rotten. Let Congress know that you are deeply concerned about climate change, and therefore support a vote AGAINST this bill. Tell them a much, much stronger climate bill is absolutely necessary!

When the House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act last year, many (including NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen) called the bill “worse than nothing,” and found themselves, sadly, opposing climate legislation. Why?? Because the bill failed to rise to the challenge, offered absurdly weak targets, provided ludicrous quantities of corporate handouts to polluters, funded a slew of dirty false solutions (carbon capture and sequestration, biomass burning, nuclear, etc). Overall, it sought to maintain business as usual, rather than putting the nation on the path to avoid catastrophic warming.

Many powerful industry and government interests view climate change not as a serious problem to be resolved by all means possible, but rather as an opportunity to maintain and enhance profits. They would seek to build more polluting incinerators, continue mountaintop removal and coal burning, expand industrial agriculture, drill our coastlines, mine uranium and build more nuclear reactors, leaving us to cope with more cancer, asthma and other health problems, and an altogether questionable future for our children.

When Senators Kerry & Boxer introduced a companion bill largely mirroring “worse than nothing,” it was entirely rejected by some Senators, who, unbelievably, fail to recognize climate change as a problem worth addressing, and are entirely beholden to their fossil fuel and other industry supporters. Kerry went back to the drawing board, this time inviting the participation of industry and the climate change deniers who have made it clear that in order to win the needed 60 votes, they would require fulfillment of their “wishlist.” We are now faced with a bill written to fulfill the wishes of the worst polluters and guaranteed to be FAR worse than nothing.

The Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill would even take away EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act — our one proven tool for regulating air pollution, which industry fears because it will be more effective than the carbon trading schemes in this legislation. The Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill would even invalidate any state and local-level laws that are stronger than the weak policies in their bill!

Just because this is a so-called “climate bill” doesn’t mean it is a good bill! Tell your senator and representatives to vote AGAINST this rotten bill because it fails on every count. Demand a much, much stronger climate bill that will embrace targets that meet the mandates of climate science, put an end to dirty energy, restore ecosystems, protect our health and fulfill our obligations to the international community.

For more information, and to sign the petition, visit


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From the News-Herald, Northern Ohio:

“They come to your door with a deal hard to pass up, but it’s not all bells and whistles, says Peter Dautartas of Chester Township.

Dautartas, who recently signed a lease to have an oil well drilled in his yard, was one of several township residents who spoke out against oil and gas drilling in their neighborhoods Monday night at West Geauga High School.

. . . . .

“‘They promise you the world. They promised us so many things and when the well was in, all of a sudden they forgot their end of the deal, which I think is a breech of contract,’ Dautartas said to the table of representatives.”


Dick. The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

Cade. Nay, that I mean to do. Is not this a lamentable thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should be made parchment? that parchment being scribbled o’er, should undo a man? Some say the bee stings: but I say, ’tis the bee’s wax, for I did but seal once to a thing, and I was never mine own man since.

— Henry the Sixth, Part 2, Act IV, Scene II

D O N’ T   S I G N

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I am not sure what planet Mr. Triebe is from, natural gas is odorless, until an odorant is added to it. The Town of Dish has had the odorizing units removed from these sites located here because they were so noxious. Tell him to come back to town and breathe deeper. Six people have died of cancer surrounding this site in the last 2 years.

Public school funding is a battle in every state election in Texas, because our school property taxes are the highest taxes that we pay here. Mr. Triebe needs to buy a home here and get some of his free schoolin’, at tax paying time.

I have raised 5 children here, ages 19 to 29, all but the one U.S. Marine fighting in Afghanistan, have attended college. No one in Denton is giving away free college to the youth of the Barnett Shale.

The average locomotive for a freight train has a 1,250 horse power engine, can you hear one of those, Mr. Triebe? The compressors in the Town of Dish are as much as 3,550 horse power. And there are 11 of them. Are you stone deaf?

We have documented daily sound readings of 80 to 125 db. 85 db is the level of a gas lawn mower at full throttle. 110 db is front row at a rock concert. 120 db is the human pain threshold.

The issue with a gas pipeline buried across your property is once this 24 or 36 inch pipeline is buried there, you can not do anything with the property for 25 to 50 feet either side of it. You cannot build or develop the land in any way, No buildings, No structures. No roadways. And no one is going to buy it from you,either. Of course if it leaks all of your worries will be over, permanently.

I grew up in the oil field. My father has been honored as an oil field pioneer. The oil and gas business is a dirty, filthy and loud business.

There are some new drilling rigs designed to be quieter and somewhat less of a pain, but those are one in a million, at this time.

I am not against the oil and gas industry, exactly the opposite! I am against the way some operators are performing in the industry. We have had some operators come to town and work very hard to work with us. And I am proud of them for their efforts. And we have others that are trying to kill us and our children, for their profit.


Bill Sciscoe
Town Commissioner, Dish Texas

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