“There is a radical revolution in progress here ……… and we are not the radicals”

Guest post by MB regarding a Town of Lebanon meeting at which citizens were vocal in their opposition to road bore permits for Nornew pipelines:

This is yet another instance of concerned citizens turning out to
publicly state their objections once they know the specifics of what
is proposed for their own neighborhood. While I’m sure that some of
the people who were yelling about the gathering line are
altruistically concerned about a lot more than just their own
neighborhood, I think we have to recognize that it is human nature to
be somewhat worried about a dragon that is ten miles away, but to be
in mortal terror of a dragon that is ten feet away. This is why the
Forces Of Evil (i.e. the gas industry and its minions) have enacted
laws that allow huge, industrial, horizontal well pads to be
constructed in residential areas without prior notice or public
hearings: the FOEs know full well that, given the opportunity, a lot
of people would object to having a gas well sited in their
neighborhood, so the FOEs have deprived the people of their
opportunity to object.

Someone who broke into my house and stole a pad of notepaper could be
prosecuted, but the gas industry can come into my neighborhood without
my consent, devalue my home, steal my clean water and my clean air,
destroy my sense of well-being, and ruin my health, and I would have
little or no legal recourse. This is legalized lawlessness. It is
legalized chaos. You cannot have a stable, healthy, productive,
thriving community if its citizens must live in the midst of
lawlessness and chaos: supposedly, we figured this out a long time
ago–it’s one of the major reasons for having laws in the first

A compilation of gas leases in Tompkins County (see http://www.tcgasmap.org)
has revealed that the decision to completely alter the nature of the
county and endanger everyone’s health has been made by just 6% of the
adult, non-student population of the county. Needless to say, the
personal and financial costs of trying to repair the damage to the
environment, pay the health care bills, etc. will NOT be borne by just
6% of the county. This gas nightmare is frightening not just because
of the dangers of chemicals and well fires and air pollution: it is
also frightening because of its profoundly undemocratic nature. There
is a radical revolution in progress here and we are not the radicals.


In response to:

“Town of Lebanon requests delay in proposed 16 inch steel gas pipeline and public statement hearing – Comments on PSC Case No. 09-T-0499: Those who are discouraged by the response of the general public and local governments to our concerns should have been at this meeting. People were yelling. When Town Supervisor Goldstein asked at the end of the meeting for a show of hands from the attending Town of Lebanon residents, as to whether the town should issue the road bore permits tonight as requested by Nornew, no one was so inclined. Nothing like a couple of gas well fires and obviously-inadequate containment/run-off mitigations to focus people’s minds.”

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