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The public needs 120 days to review massive new draft oil and gas drilling regulations

On September 30, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) finally released the long-awaited Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DSGEIS) for Oil & Gas Drilling in New York. The document is over 800 pages long, and Albany is only giving the people 60 days to review it. Tell Albany it cannot ignore the people! New Yorkers must be able to understand and weigh in on this issue. Meaningful input from the public is essential for a healthy democracy.

Tell Albany to give New Yorkers 120 days to comment on this massive program that will affect our environment for decades.

The huge oil and gas industry is pressuring Albany to open up for drilling in the state. New Yorkers cannot afford to rush through a process that will affect the health of our precious water resources for decades to come. Unconventional drilling from high volume hydraulic fracturing uses millions of gallons of water. Only a few days ago, Cabot Oil & Gas in Pennsylvania was shut down for chemical spills. New York’s elected officials need to proceed with caution and take extraordinary steps to ensure the protection of New York’s most valuable natural resource, freshwater. Albany must hold at least 7 public hearings in the affected regions of the state and allow adequate time for the people to comment.

Information from the NYS DEC on the DSGEIS can be found here:

What You Can Do!
Call Governor Paterson, DEC Commissioner Grannis, and your state Assembly member and senator to demand that Albany does not rush to accommodate the oil & gas industry, and allows the people of New York to weigh in on their future!

Phone call tips:

Tell them:

  • Your name and your town/city.
  • The DEC must extend the oil and gas drilling comment period to 120 days.
  • The DEC must hold at least 7 public hearings in affected regions, including New York City.

Please call:

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


800 pages / 60 days = 13.49 pages per day.

DEC says it intends to schedule “Public Information Sessions” - not hearings.


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