Notes from Bradford Township, McKean County: ……. DEP says, “It wasn’t much of a spring anyway.”

“DEP holds Schreiner responsible for compromising the water supplies of 7 households.  But there are more – maybe more like 15.

“One neighbor lost water in October – had only about 7ft of water above pump until February when got new well. New well required filtration. Even with filtration system, the water is bad – currently looking for better filtration system.

“One neighbor has been out of his home for 10 weeks now because of high levels of methane in well – see the video of the vapors catching fire:

Click here>>    Video: Flammable water

“DEP told him not to light a match in his bathroom or start a bonfire in his yard. Just got new well dug last week- waiting to see about water quality.

“Several homes now require methane detectors – we know at least one has gone off twice.

“One neighbor lost water a couple of weeks ago and was filling his own tote to supply water to his home. It sounded today like they have just begun drilling him another well- we’ll see about its quality.

“One neighbor has depleted quality and quantity of spring because a road was built through her spring. DEP’s response was that it was not much of a spring anyway. The spring has supplied this home with water for at least 50 years and is the only water supply that this neighbor has.

“One of my neighbors had disgusting black slime that DEP would never test- they would run the water until all of the black stuff was out before they tested it.  The neighbor had an independent lab test it, and it turned out to be iron bacteria.

“Some neighbors have complained of rashes and excessively dry skin and hair.

“The majority of these wells have existed for over 40 years, and have never had these troubles.  Our water was pristine- no filter required.  Friends and family used to bottle our water to take home with them.

“So far it does not seem that the oil company wants to take much responsibility.  They have provided us with bottled water for drinking temporarily, and drilled a few wells that are most likely still contaminated.   They have about another 60 wells they want to drill.

“We are almost sure that the site of the propane tank and access road was wetland.  It met almost all of the criteria that DEP has listed for wetlands (mottled soil, indicator species, presence of water…..).  When we called DEP out, they said that there were areas that could be wetland, but a full study would have to be done to delineate it.  We expected them to do the study – next thing we know, all of the trees are down and construction had begun.”

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